Jumping into hemp

It’s finally here. After several months of growing our company using eco-friendly inks and organic cotton tees for our tees, we have proudly created our custom tee. Unlike our previous tees, we’ve jumped into the world of cannabis industry, but not with the way you think.  

Our new new tees are over 60% hemp blended with 40% organic cotton. So what does that mean for you?

It’s softness. Oh so much softness. 

We’ve been testing the shirts with our team and the feedback has been incredible. Most of the feedback has been around how comfortable the shirt is.  

 The softness isn’t the only thing that is awesome about this tee. It’s also moisture wicking and mold resistant. Yes your clothing can get moldy, but not hemp. Hemp wear has been proven to prevent bacteria growth, which also helps you stay odor free. This makes this shirt fantastic for hiking, biking, yoga and any other aerobic activity. 

 Our hemp shirts are in unisex styles and fit to size. And our last note is the you still need to wash this shirt, unlike traditional cotton which starts to breakdown over time, the hemp shirt will only get softer.

 Final note from from us is that only have 45 shirts in stock so quantities are limited. Grab yours today

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