It's in our DNA

When you grow up along the coast, you develop a different sense of what it means to play and enjoy life. You see adventure and your next fun activity around every corner. That's why Coastal Wilderness exists.

In 2019, after losing his job, our founder, Chris, saw an opportunity to explore the Pacific Coast's uniqueness and beauty. As his adventures began, he saw the pride of the people who call California and the Pacific Northwest home. There was pride, but no unified voice. That was the 'A-ha' moment.

Coastal Wilderness is the amplification of that unique voice. Not everywhere in the world can start days by the ocean, then spend the afternoon hiking the mountains or skiing the slopes. We'll be with you every step of the way, helping you stay connected to your coastal roots from around the world.

Leaving the Planet Better Than We Found It

Coastal Wilderness might look large from the outside, but it's more like shopping at your local corner store. Not only are you supporting our family, but you are also supporting the small businesses we work with to produce our apparel.

Beyond small business support, we strive to bring you products from sustainable production lines from eco-conscious vendors. When selecting partners to work with, we ask ourselves a few key questions like:

Are they using sustainable, reusable fabrics?
Are they using eco-friendly, water-based inks?
What efforts are they making to reduce their carbon-footprints?

Not only have we used these criteria to pick vendors to work with, but we've turned this view inward as well. We have joined an alliance of organizations, individuals, and nonprofits called 1% For The Planet. As part of our membership, we donate at least 1% of our annual revenue to nonprofit groups who make a positive impact on the planet. We also offset each order by reducing our carbon footprint by planting a tree for every order that gets shipped.

We don't participate in these initiatives to feel good. They are a state of mind, a part of who we are, and hopefully a part of who you are.