Streaming our story on America Field Live

On May 28th, we had the incredible opportunity to speak about Coastal Wilderness on a global platform. We teamed up with America Field. For those of you who are not familiar with America Field, they are a brand discovery platform. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, they hosted events that helped online stores like ourselves set up pop-up brick & mortar storefronts around the country. But since crowds are a thing of the past right now, they turned to the internet to help keep their business alive. Through innovation, they were able to still host events but through a digital space. 

We were lucky enough to get accepted as a vendor for their program and were given the opportunity to speak alongside 14 other amazing brands about Coastal Wilderness. We announced a few new projects coming up in the next few months, the history of how we got started, and how Coastal Wilderness will make a global impact through our environmental initiatives. 

Take a moment to sit back and watch by following the link below.

You can also check out the brand page that was set up for us by the team at America Field. We are excited to continue this partnership with them and can't wait to make it to one of their in-person events.

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